8 Time Management tips to get the most out of work.

Time management can become a myth if you have several tight deadlines to meet, a slew of tasks to complete within the day or maybe you get an additional assignment from your employer(s).

Time Management involves the deliberate process of allocating time to activities or tasks. Managing time and boosting productivity at work can be daunting but these tips will make it easier.

How do you manage all of this work and still be timely?

The following tips will not only help you answer this question but will also show you the benefits of proper time management at work.

Profits of proper Time management:

  • You provide higher quality output.
  • You find it easier to meet deadlines
  • you feel more in control of your work.

Time Management Tips that have been proven to Boost Productivity at work by almost 93% :

Make a Tasks scale of preference and stick to it – arrange tasks according to earliest deadlines, urgent and important tasks, urgent but not very important, urgent but deadline still ahead. e.t.c.

Practise Time Tracking.

Allocate Time based on predetermined tasks scale of preference.

Eliminate Distractions as much as you can – Use noise blocking headphones, Close office or workspace doors if any, Put away cellphones or any device that tend to distract you at work.

Learn to say NO to extra work. Saying yes to every additional take or request by co-worker (s) would only slow you down and affect your productivity adversely.

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Do the most Intensive task(s) when you are still mentally fresh – the early hours of the morning suit such intensive task(s) because the brain cells are relaxed and very active.

Take breaks after long stretch(es) of work – 2-5 minutes breaks after every 45 minutes to 1 hour of work is prefect.

Employ Time Management Tools.
E.g – Clarizen, Everhour, Proofhub and Scoro.

Hope this Tips help you boost your productivity and Excel more at work.

What tips(s) would you add to this list?

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